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Jill is such a great trainer! Her energy and enthusiasm are truly infectious!

I’ve worked out with several trainers in the past and Jill has by far provided the most personal program. She really takes the time to listen to your likes and dislikes and customizes each workout to your own goals and needs. I love Jill’s micro-adjustments. She will make very minor form corrections to exercises I’ve been doing for years and they will make the exercise much more effective. You will be “good sore” after each and every workout. Thanks, Jill!”- Abby S.


Jill, owner of Fabulously Fit, is no “do as I say, not as I do” type of trainer.  

She lives by what she preaches, and it’s fantastic.  She’s one of the most authentic people I have ever met, particularly in the world of fitness, where everything can be about appearances.  Fabulously Fit is run out of her home, in a sunny workout area, that is comfortable and inviting.  Jill is knowledgable and funny, and she makes you feel at ease, while pushing you to be your healthy best.” – Melissa F., via Yelp


“Jill is motivation, inspiration and dedication all wrapped into one fabulous personal trainer!  

…She uses the perfect balance of personalized, creative workouts and positive feedback to keep me motivated and engaged.  Jill teaches how to push through personal limits and set & attain new goals, all with a sense of humor.  She pays attention to every detail, noting your body’s strengths and weaknesses to tweak the next workout accordingly.  Her sessions have given me increased energy and strength, and even have me enjoying cardio!

The biggest thing that sets Jill apart from other personal trainers is her extraordinary dedication to her clients’ success.  From selecting optimally-convenient training times and locations, to introducing and accompanying clients to new group classes (including a loan of her gel seat for spin class!), Jill goes the extra mile for her clients.  If you’re looking for a fun, personalized program from a passionate, enthusiastic trainer, Jill at FabFitTraining is the way to go!”  – Kristen H.

“If you want to be your Fabulously Fit best, no trainer will be better for you than Jill!

…She has the most positive outlook of probably anyone I’ve ever met.  It’s infectious; if you train with her, you can’t help but think “I can do this!”  She’ll push you during workouts, but still make sure it’s safe and effective.  She really pays attention to her clients’ needs and goals.  I’ve worked out for years, but when I “fell off the wagon,” I knew I needed some help to get back on.  Jill has been instrumental in helping me get back up and start enjoying my workouts again!  I’m feeling stronger and more confident, and on my way back to the body I want!

If you’re looking for a motivational, inspirational, and just plain nice personal trainer, give Jill a call at Fabulously Fit Personal Training.  You won’t be disappointed!  – Karen S.


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